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My Story

Hi! I am the CEO of the Institute of Personal and Professional Development, LLC (IPPD). I have over 25 years of therapeutic experience. My great commitment is strengthening and building families. I have worked with children, adults, families, churches, organizations, and corporations. Dealing with issues such as ADHD, OCD, depression, and sexual abuse through individual and family therapy are my specialties. I have written many published articles and a book, Becoming.


“It is my belief that as human beings, every one of us has issues that we struggle with. All of us need a helping hand at some point in life. The answer to your specific problem depends on you more than the problem. Your beliefs, personality, character, and environment all play a part in finding the correct solution. I do not give you an answer to your particular issue or problem; I direct and assist you in finding the answer for yourself.”


"Take care of yourself and make this a great day!"

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